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Marketing Lists USA provides you with an accurate business name/contact or person with address for mailing purposes. Consumer listings provide actual name, address and Business listings provide company name, contact name (where available), address and telephone, type of business, employee size, sale revenue, SIC Code

Format list comes to you as? Marketing Lists USA emails it to you electronically as an excel, comma delimited(csv), text delimited(txt), word label format, pdf label format or any format that works best for you. Just ask us and we will set it up any way you desire!

Marketing Lists USA has a compiled Consumer Database of verified 248,779,524 records. We have a compiled Business Database of 15,345,879 records. Our Resident/Occupant compiled file has every deliverable address the US Postal Service delivers to. We compile on a monthly basis a list of all new home owners and new movers.

Marketing Lists USA provides you with the following for each of our databases:

Consumer Mailing List Format –
The Demographic columns are only delivered if you search on them.

Column Description
First Name
Last Name
Contact Title
Company Name
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Zip Code
Contact Full Name
City, State & Zip Code
County FIPS Code
County Name
Carrier Route
Delivery Point
City Name (Abbreviated)
Address Primary Number
Street Pre-Direction
Street Name
Street Suffix
Street Post-Direction
Address Secondary Abbreviation
Address Secondary Number
Name Prefix
Name Suffix
Dwelling Type
Length of Residence
Household Income Code
Household Income
Homeowner or Renter Code
Homeowner or Renter?
Marital Status
Month (Only) of Birth
Ethnicity Group
Religion Code
Presence of Children by Age and Gender
Home Value
Pet Lover
Swimming Pool Owner

Business Mailing List Format –

Column Description
First Name
Last Name
Contact Title
Company Name
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Zip Code
Contact Full Name
City, State & Zip Code
County Name
Company URL
Small Business
Home Office
Presence of Contact Name
Estimated Annual Sales Code
Estimated Annual Sales
Years in Business Code
Year Business Started
Number of Employees Code
Number of Employees
Location Type
Public/ Private Ownership
Is Franchise
Is Chain
Primary SIC Division (A-K)
Primary SIC Code
Primary SIC Description
Secondary SIC Code
Secondary SIC Description
Primary NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) Code
Primary contact

The New Homeowners database shows ownership in their home and does not consist of renters and the New Movers database consist of renters and new homeowners combined

Marketing Lists USA specializes in accurate mailing lists data only


Marketing Lists USA provides phone numbers for business listings only


Marketing Lists USA provides all kinds of specialty lists from doctors, teachers, realtors, nurses and many more. Please call and speak with a representative to learn more.

Getting & using my list

Marketing Lists USA will send you your file in your selected format of the consumers or businesses you chose to target


Marketing Lists USA sends your file to you usually within minutes of the order being placed


Yes, you will get a link also that can be downloaded to your computer


Yes, you can, as this is a separate service that we offer our clients


Marketing Lists USA can setup your file in a label format and email it to you. We just need to know the label size (how many labels per page) your are using


Database Quality

Marketing Lists USA provides Consumer, Business, New Homeowner/Mover and Specialty data. Below is how we compile our data:

We use 28 billion records from over hundreds of different sources to compile
our consumer database each year. We gather data from:

Real estate and tax assessments, Voter registration files, Utilities connections, Bill processors, Behavioral data and many other sources
With a full rebuild every month, our U.S. Consumer database sets the standard for quality, while our comprehensive demographic and lifestyle attributes give you the power to create the perfect mailing list for your needs.

We gather our information from a multitude of directory and event-driven sources, including:

U.S. Yellow Page directories, Chamber of Commerce directories, New business filings, Daily utilities connections, Press releases, Corporate websites, Annual reports, User-generated feedback

We research all deeds filed in each county in the United States to capture new homeowners, new address, home purchase price, mortgage amount, new or resold home purchase, etc.

We research all state and national licensing boards to gather data on doctors, nurses, teachers, realtors, etc.


Consumer Mailing Lists – 97+% Deliverability/Accuracy Guarantee

Business Mailing Lists – 93+% Deliverability/Accuracy Guarantee

New Mover Mailing Lists – 95+% Deliverability/Accuracy Guarantee

New Homeowner Mailing Lists – 95+% Deliverability/Accuracy Guarantee


All personal details you provide us with during your visiting with us are subject to the Marketing Lists USA security/privacy policy.



Marketing Lists USA charges you only when you order a mailing list


Marketing Lists USA has different rates for all of the different lists we compile and provide. You can either call/email us for a quote or you can visit our online count/order portal

Marketing Lists USA offers Mastercard, Visa and American Express as payment options or you can mail us a check prior to receiving your order


Security & Privacy

Marketing Lists USA takes your security with the utmost security. Marketing Lists USA does not keep your credit card information after the details of the transaction.


Our Privacy Policy – We value your business and take the protection of your credit card and personal details seriously. We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the information you give us is treated in the highest confidence and with the most up-to-date security procedures.In fact, your credit card number is not even stored on our system, but exists only transiently for authorization purposes.All orders are encrypted with SSL technology to ensure that information sent via the Internet remains private and unaltered. This can only work if you use an SSL-enabled browser.

It’s worth remembering that email is not encrypted and is not considered a secure method of transmitting your credit card details.

If you have any concerns please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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