Our Data

As a partner with the above companies and many more specialty list companies, Marketing Lists USA has a goal to align you with the best data compiler for your specific target audience. We know where each compiler has their strengths and their weaknesses, so it is very important to rely on our expertise to get you the strongest list possibly!

You Can Expect

Marketing lists will never be perfect. Although we continually clean and update our databases, they will always contain a small number of undeliverable mailing addresses, out of date information and data errors that are we are not able to control. Here is what you can expect from our data lists:

Consumer Mailing Lists

97+% Deliverability/Accuracy Guarantee

Business Mailing Lists

93+% Deliverability/Accuracy Guarantee

New Mover Mailing Lists

95+% Deliverability/Accuracy Guarantee

New Homeowner Mailing Lists

95+% Deliverability/Accuracy Guarantee

*We guarantee these high deliverability and accuracy rates when you use your list within 30 days of purchase and address your mail appropriately with accordance with United States Postal Service standards.

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